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Fallin Highlights More Cuts to Okla. Income Tax (Feb 06, 2012)

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Gov. Mary Fallin's plan to cut Oklahoma's personal income tax rate will come at a cost to those who enjoy a number of tax exemptions.

In her State of the State address Monday, the governor said the state's highest tax rate should be 3.5 percent, down from the current 5.25 percent. While she didn't offer highlights in her speech, her budget office said Monday she wants to eliminate dozens of tax exemptions, including many used by poor and working-class Oklahomans.

Under the plan, couples earning $30,000 or less would pay no income taxes beginning next January.

To make up for the roughly $1 billion in lost revenue, Fallin is proposing to eliminate nearly 40 different tax credits, including the child care and sales tax relief credits for low-income Oklahomans.


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