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Bill's Funding Exceeds Expected Spending (Mar 02, 2012)

An analysis by E-Capitol shows a bill to provide supplemental funding to four state agencies exceeds the amount of extra money the state is expected to bring in.

The bill by Senator Clark Jolley and Representative Earl Sears takes some of the revenue from the gross production tax on oil for this fiscal year away from the general fund.

The money is set aside to pay for things like National Board certified teacher bonuses and a state trooper academy. E-Capitol reports the money expected from the oil production tax is at least 10 million dollars less than needed to cover the special appropriations.

But Jolley, Sears and Secretary of Finance and Revenue Preston Doerflinger said they were confident sufficient revenue would be collected to cover the reapportionments.

E-Capitol reports no lawmakers have raised the issue of whether there will be sufficient revenues to meet the reapportionment plan.

The bill passed the Senate yesterday and House Speaker Kris Steele says it should be considered by the House next week.

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