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Santorum Scores With Very Conservative Okla. Voters (Mar 06, 2012)

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum did well among Oklahomans who called themselves "very conservative."

According to exit poll data, nearly half of state voters who called themselves "very conservative" gave Santorum a double-digit advantage over Newt Gingrich. Those who were "somewhat" conservative split about evenly between Mitt Romney and Santorum, while more moderate and liberal voters favored Romney.

Exit polls also showed Santorum's resonated with those who called it deeply important for a candidate to share their religious beliefs; among those who considered abortion a top issue and among those seeking a candidate with strong moral character.

Romney won among those seeking a candidate who could defeat President Barack Obama and Gingrich won more than half of those who said a candidate with the right experience was their top priority.


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