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Best of Fall 2011-Part 2 (Mar 03, 2012)

As our students put the final touches on the first of this semester’s programs (which will air next week at this time) we want to remind you of some of the stories we covered during the previous semester.

On this page:

  • The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art added a much-anticipated new wing last fall, to house the Eugene B. Adkins collection. Assignment: Radio reporter AJ Soliven spoke with Curator Mark White to learn about the changes.
  • Assignment: Radio ECU reporter Ryan Corely explored the Hallie Brown Ford Fine Arts Center in Ada, and he learned about some unique percussive instruments that do much more than just keep rhythm.
  • Last semester, Assignment: Radio producer Meredith Everitt spoke with a few Oklahoma residents to get their perspective on the subject of Atheists in Oklahoma.

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