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State House Approves Two Measures (Mar 15, 2012)

Legislation approved by the state House of Representatives would allow public schools to request an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation background check on volunteers, if a the local school board chooses to establish such a policy.

House Bill 30-76 would allow local school boards to request background checks of volunteers, but would not mandate that they do so. Federal law requires a state to have laws allowing for background checks using fingerprints of school volunteers… and Oklahoma is currently not in compliance.

The bill’s author, state Representative Joe Dorman, says legislation will allow schools to conduct thorough checks on adults who will be around students in vulnerable situations, such as overnight school trips or when unsupervised in athletic locker rooms.


Another bill approved today by the state House would help local law enforcement, hospitals and emergency responders coordinate in transporting persons in need of mental health or inpatient substance abuse treatment.

House Bill 24-78 would permit the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to establish a law enforcement behavioral emergency dispatch system if requested in two or more regional emergency medical service plans.

The bill’s author, State Representative Seneca Scott, says the current system of transporting individuals in need of treatment is inefficient and takes officers off the street for too long. The measure passed by a vote of 86 to 3 and now heads to the Senate for consideration.


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