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Spring 2012: Community Events Pt. 1 (Mar 16, 2012)

This is the first episode of the spring 2012 semester, and our student reporters are covering local events at and around the campuses of OU and East Central University.


  • In our first story, Assignment: Radio reporter Lauren Abram visits Sonder Music’s Third Friday Celtic Night, in Norman. Find out what it takes to create this “jam session” each month, and get a taste of the family-friendly night of music.
  • The fusion of two seemingly disparate, established genres has created some amazing music, from Danger Mouse’s Grey Album to the band Apocalyptica. From this week, Assignment: Radio ECU reporter Charlynn Estes speaks with a member of the highly successful group Black Violin, who is blending two musical genres audiences might never expect. 

  • One Oklahoman is on a mission to educate ECU students about diversity. Assignment: Radio ECU reporter Kimberly Wren interviews Ada native Louise Young, who’s bringing in speakers who might not otherwise make it to her hometown.


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Mickey as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Fantasia, 1940

Ink and gouache on celluloid, 10 x 11 in.

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