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Assignment: Radio-1 on 1 Interviews Pt. 2 (Apr 13, 2012)

From one
Emmy nominated investigative journalist who decided to stay near her family in Oklahoma, to another journalist who travelled all the way to India for a life-affirming experiencewith the late Mother Teresa. One Biblical scholar and self-described "Biblenerd" explains how she finds inspiration within the ancient text. Then, learn about the Arts District of Ada and upcoming changes.

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Segment #1: Assignment: Radio reporter Lauren Abram sits down with journalist and news anchor Tammy Payne who describes her professional journey, and why she chooses to stay in her home state.

Segment #2: Assignment: Radio ECU reporter Bethani West interviews East Central UniversityProfessor Linda Schaefer. Schaefer’s describes how her work as a journalist and photographer brought her to India for an extraordinary experience with Mother Teresa.

Segment #3: Oklahoma City University, Religious Studies Professor Lisa Wolfe sometimes speaks at local churches and her approach to Biblical teaching can surprise congregations who might be used to more traditional interpretations of scripture.
Wolfe created a DVD series called "Uppity Women of the Bible" with a companion book released last December called "Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs, and Judith."

Segment #4: Assignment: Radio ECU reporter Cameron Gillespie interviews ECU Community Development Coordinator Bridget Forshay about the Arts District of Ada. Learn about how this art-centered community is growing and what it offers to the local economy.

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