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Assignment: Radio (Apr 27, 2012)


Our first story features three women who take us into the world of Roller Derby in Oklahoma City.

Since its inception in 1935, the game of Roller Derby has been in constant flux. The game originated as a kind of marathon on roller skates, where men and women would compete together. Later it would become more of a spectacle… something like pro-wrestling on wheels. Today, in yet another stage of evolution, the game has morphed into a legitimate sport, with rules, leagues and growing international recognition.

The objective of the game is pretty simple. There is one skater designated as the team’s “Jammer” who scores points by passing the other team on the track. While the Jammer is doing that, the rest of the team is busy with both offense and defense.

Vestigial elements from past incarnations, like: picking camp nicknames, and what might be called a “punk” aesthetic, are embraced in this new sport, making it one of the few you can play wearing fishnet stockings.

In our next segment, we explore a more tranquil physical activity. Assignment: Radio ECU reporter Charlynn Estes interviews two yoga instructors who describe their journey from students of the ancient practice, to teachers.

Like Yoga and Roller Derby, the Greek play Lysistrata has been re-invented again and again since it was first written thousands of years ago. Assignment: Radio ECU reporter Tim Brice examines East Central University’s version of the tale.

If you're interested in Lysistrata, you might enjoy "Lysistrata Jones"the Broadway musical based on the classic.

The last story of this episode of Assignment: Radio is about the difficulties some OU graduates experience after they get their diplomas. Finding employment can be a struggle at any point in life, but for young alumni, the challenge can be especially daunting. Assignment: Radio reporter Lauren Abram speaks with students and those trying to help them maneuver the professional world, post-graduation.

Be sure to tune in to our next episode, when all of our stories will be based on the word “loss”.

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