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Senate Draws Ire Over Marriage Resolution (May 14, 2012)

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - A Senate resolution reaffirming its support for "traditional marriage" is drawing the ire of some Democrats who say the bill is little more than an election-year ploy.

The Senate on Monday voted 40-4 for the resolution by state Sen. Clark Jolley, which states that "the institutional of marriage itself is sacred and must be upheld in its traditional form." A resolution only expresses the intent of the Senate and has no legal implications.

Several Senate Democrats questioned why a resolution was needed when a ban on gay marriage is already in state law and the Oklahoma Constitution.

Sen. Tom Adelson suggested Jolley is facing a tough primary race and needed "promotional material" for his campaign.

Jolley says the bill is a result of President Obama's recent support of gay marriage.

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