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OK Man Pleads in Groundbreaking Drug Case (Jul 06, 2012)

ADA, Okla. (AP) - An Oklahoma man has pleaded no contest to two counts of second-degree murder that alleged he gave a synthetic drug to friends at a party and that two of them later died.

At a hearing Friday in Ada, 22-year-old Cody Weddle rejected a plea bargain that set a 10-year prison term. Instead, he entered a "blind plea" that will let District Judge Thomas Landrith determine a penalty. Sentencing was set for Aug. 7.

East Central University students Anastasia Jewell and Andrew Akerman died and six other partygoers fell ill last year at Konawa.

According to police, Weddle thought he purchased the drug 2C-E from an Internet site but that he received Bromo DragonFLY, a hallucinogenic drug with effects similar to Ecstasy.

The deaths led to a change in Oklahoma's drug laws.

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