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OK Receives New Execution Drug Shipment (Jul 11, 2012)

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Attorney General Scott Pruitt says Oklahoma has secured 20 new doses of the execution drug pentobarbital, one month before the state is scheduled to put an inmate to death.

Pruitt announced Wednesday that his office and the Department of Corrections spent a year trying to locate more dosages of pentobarbital, an anesthetic that's the first step in a three-drug cocktail used for lethal injections.

Before Wednesday's announcement, the state had just one dose remaining of pentobarbital.

Death row inmate Michael Hooper filed a federal lawsuit last week, claiming that his execution could lead to cruel and unusual punishment if something went wrong with the state's lone dose of the drug. Hooper has an Aug. 14 execution date.

Pruitt says state law allows the provider of the drug to remain confidential.

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