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AG Unit Warns of Lottery Fraud (Jul 27, 2012)

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Attorney General Scott Pruitt's Public Protection Unit is warning Oklahomans about fraudulent lottery letters and e-mails.

The bogus notifications claim consumers have won a ``Western Union Accredited'' government lottery. The correspondence includes an official-looking document that asks consumers to send money or share personal information in order to collect their winnings.

Assistant Attorney General Tom Bates is chief of the AG's Public Protection Unit. Bates says Western Union officials have alerted officials that the letters are a scam.

Officials say legitimate lottery or sweepstakes organizations don't ask for money up front before awarding prizes and residents should not provide personal or financial information unless they have initiated the call to a verified reputable business or organization.

Officials say one of the best ways to fight scams is to report them.

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