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Israeli PM Evokes OKC Bombing in Appeal to Voters (Sep 17, 2012)
WASHINGTON (AP) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a direct appeal to American voters Sunday to elect a president willing to draw a "red line" with Iran.

Speaking to Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union", Netanyahu cited the example of a past terrorist attack on U.S. soil to make a point about the devastating repercussions of failed intelligence.

"It's like Timothy McVeigh walking into a shop in Oklahoma City and saying, `I'd like to tend my garden. I'd like to buy some fertilizer ... Come on. We know that they're working on a weapon,"' Netanyahu said.

Netayahu's remarks were part of an impassioned election-season plea from a world leader who insists he doesn't want to insert himself into U.S. politics and hasn't endorsed either candidate.

But the Israeli leader took advantage of the week's focus on unrest across the Muslim world and America's time-honored tradition of the Sunday television talk shows to appeal to Americans headed to the polls in less than two months.


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