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Supreme Court Justices Face First Business Evaluation (Sep 26, 2012)

Judges on Oklahoma’s highest court have received their first-ever numerical ranking on whether their rulings are pro-business. The new evaluation of state Supreme Court justices looks at cases that reviewers believe can affect economic development, including the expansion of civil liability. State Chamber of Oklahoma President Fred Morgan also serves as the president of the Oklahoma Civil Justice Council, which released the rankings for members of the court. Justices don’t run for office, but do face a vote of the people in what’s called a retention ballot after their appointment. Morgan says the council and the chamber have no plans to enter into a campaign for or against justices because of their scores.

Morgan did say he would like to see a court filled with justices receiving higher scores. A higher number means that justice is viewed as being more business friendly. Justices Steven Taylor and James Winchester both received 69 percent scores. Two recently-appointed justices, Douglas Combs and Noma Gurich, have not ruled in enough cases to receive a full score. The other justices all came in below 32 percent.


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