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Indian Times: November is Native American Heritage Month (Nov 03, 2012)

Here is some native programming coming up next week on OETA, or what is called the Oklahoma channel, which can be found on channel 13.2 over the air or on Cox Cable channel 112.

On Monday…at 1pm The emmy-nominated documentary WALKING INTO THE UNKNOWN, trace the journey of an American Indian physician as he navigates the health care system…he works on the Fond du Lac Reservation, where his Ojibwe patients face grim health statistics.

On Tuesday…at 2pm The documentary APACHE 8, tells the story of 4 extraordinary women who work on the all-woman firefighter crew from the White Mountain Apache Tribes that has been in existence for 30 years.  The women com e from different generations of the Apache 8 crew.

Again those shows can be found on channel 13.2 or cox cable channel 112.

Next Sunday is Veterans Day,  in honor of that a dance has been scheduled  for November 11th in the Watchetaker Hall on the Comanche Nation Complex in Lawton.  I speak with  Phyllis Wahahrockah-Tasi about the one day powwow.  Her grandmother is one of the founders of the powwow that became the Comanche Nation Homecoming.  Now,  Wahahrockah-Tasi is renewing the Veterans Day Honor Powwow, which will run from 2pm to 11pm.  For more information on this contest powwow call Marion at 580-585-7565 or Eva at  580-512-1507

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