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Indian Times: December a big month for Native Art (Dec 01, 2012)

December always means lots of activities and family friendly events, the first we’ll take a look at is the Holiday Art Market at the Jacobson House, next Saturday and Sunday,  Kricket Rhoads-Connywerdy, Executive Director, tells what will be happening – from artists booths to the Ceasar Family’s Indian Tacos.

Next we speak with native artist Harvey Pratt and the Annual Calendar signing at the Tribes 131 Gallery in Norman, that takes place next Friday, December 7th.

On the same evening at the Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art will be a panel discussion on the work and life of T.C. Cannon featuring his wife Barbara  Warner and friends Sherman Chaddelsone and Richard Ray Whitman.   Whitman talks about how he met Cannon.  That event is next Friday.

And last but not least is the Open House at the Red Earth Museum in Oklahoma City.  Deputy Director Eric Oesch spoke to me by phone about what will go on next Sunday, December 8th, at their Open House.

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