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Joe Wertz 'falls' for unique exhibit (Oct 09, 2008)
This week, the Oklahoma Gazette's Joe Wertz offers a peek into a unique video presentation.

ďAmerican FallsĒ is a 3-part video installation that is as eerie as it is beautiful. The work is University of Colorado film studies professor Phil Solomonís way of expressing concern for this country and itís direction, while paying homage to an early love for television and his appreciation for, what he calls, the ďAmerican experiment.Ē

The exhibit opened in mid-September at the Untitled ArtSpace in downtown Oklahoam City, but the multi-sensory exhibition is a perfect gallery companion to an autumn season where the muted, drab colors and spooky winds outside prepare you for the arresting imagery projected inside.

ďAmerican FallsĒ is on display through November 1 at Untitled ArtSpace, 1 NE 3rd in Oklahoma City. For more information call 815-9995.

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