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Focus on the Fifth District: GOP Congressional Candidate Mary Fallin (Aug 06, 2006)
KGOU continues its series of profiles of the candidates running to replace Ernest Istook in Oklahoma's Fifth Congressional District. The race narrowed a couple of weeks ago when Dr. David Hunter won the Democratic nomination, and GOP candidates Mary Fallin and Mick Cornett proceeded to a runoff. We spend today's show following Fallin on the campaign trail.

Mary Fallin entered politics sixteen years ago as a State Representative from Tecumseh. When she was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1994, she became the first Republican and the first woman to hold that post. Fallin says her experience serving in both the legislative and executive branches make her uniquely qualified for the US Congress. In her campaign, she's called for cutting federal spending and bureaucracy, balancing the budget, securing the borders and lowering taxes. She's also supported a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

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