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NPR News

3 Ways Trump Or His Allies Might Try To Disrupt The Mueller Russia Probe
Dec 17,2017
Republican allies of the White House are setting the stage to disrupt the investigation...
CHART: How The New Version Of The Republican Tax Bill Would Affect You
Dec 15,2017
The bill would lower the rate for top earners and also let graduate students keep their...
Secret Pentagon Program Spent Millions To Research UFOs
Dec 17,2017
A Pentagon program spent $22 million researching "unidentified aerial phenomena,"...
Trump Administration Reportedly Instructs CDC On Its Own Version Of 7 Dirty Words
Dec 16,2017
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysts have been told to omit words such as...
Post-María, A Key Ecosystem In Puerto Rico Faces Slow Recovery
Dec 17,2017
El Yunque National Forest is a world-renowned research site and one of the U.S....
In Interviews With 122 Rapists, Student Pursues Not-So-Simple Question: Why?
Dec 16,2017
Shattered by the rape and subsequent death of a student in Delhi in 2012, a graduate...
Cemeteries Turn To Swamps As Alaska's Permafrost Melts
Dec 16,2017
A cemetery in rural Alaska that was built into the permanently frozen layer of soil is at...
Southern California Fire Forces New Evacuations, Threatens Coastal Communities
Dec 16,2017
The Thomas Fire has raged for nearly two weeks and on Saturday, new evacuation orders...
Holiday Parties Gone Wrong: Careful Where You Hang The Mistletoe
Dec 17,2017
This year some employers are more nervous than usual about making sure holiday parties...
Washington Did A Lot This Week And America's Schools Will Feel It
Dec 16,2017
Changes to net neutrality and more on what the tax bill means for education, parents and...
Democrat Ruben Kihuen Won't Seek Re-Election Following Sexual Harassment Allegations
Dec 16,2017
His announcement comes a day after the House Ethics Committee said it opened an...

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