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NPR News

NPR News

North Korea Announces Testing Of New 'Tactical Guided Weapon'
Apr 17,2019
The country's official newspaper reported leader Kim Jong Un supervised the test and is...
Robert Mueller's Russia Report Is Coming Thursday. Here's What You Need To Know
Apr 15,2019
The questions and answers you need in order to prepare for the arrival of the hottest new...
After Columbine, An Unlikely Friendship Bound By The Trauma Of Mass Shootings
Apr 18,2019
Over the past 20 years, mass shootings have resulted in communities of survivors....
High-Deductible Health Policies Linked To Delayed Diagnosis And Treatment
Apr 18,2019
Her employer offered only a high-deductible health plan; that meant she'd have to pay up...
AG Barr Orders Immigration Judges To Stop Releasing Asylum-Seekers On Bail
Apr 17,2019
The ruling by the attorney general is the latest step by the Trump administration...
U.S. Aid Agency Is Preparing To Lay Off Most Local Staff For Palestinian Projects
Apr 17,2019
Under Trump administration orders, the U.S. Agency for International Development is...
Snot Otter Emerges Victorious In Vote For Pennsylvania's Official Amphibian
Apr 18,2019
The Eastern hellbender salamander may not be a looker. But its sensitivity to pollution...
First Listen: Josh Ritter, 'Fever Breaks'
Apr 18,2019
For assistance with his 10th album, the singer-songwriter turns to some of the most...
'A Woman Of No Importance' Finally Gets Her Due
Apr 18,2019
Virginia Hall was an American spy who worked for Britain and the U.S. and played a key...
Gene Therapy Advances To Better Treat 'Bubble Boy' Disease
Apr 17,2019
The latest advance is not only encouraging news for patients with severe combined...
FBI Says Armed Woman Obsessed With Columbine Apparently Killed Herself In Denver Area
Apr 17,2019
The FBI and local law enforcement had warned of an "armed and dangerous" 18-year-old...

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