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NPR News

Hundreds of Thousands March For Gun Control Across The U.S.
Mar 24,2018
Massive crowds descended upon Washington, D.C., and across the nation Saturday to march...
The Russia Investigations: D.C. Races To Secure Future Elections. Is It Enough?
Mar 24,2018
This week in the Russia investigations: The House and Senate intelligence committees...
Scientists Explore Ties Between Alzheimer's And Brain's Ancient Immune System
Feb 18,2018
Their first epiphanies came during musings over beer, and evolved into a decade of...
Trump Memo Disqualifies Certain Transgender People From Military Service
Mar 23,2018
Opponents of the administration's ban on transgender troops say they will be back in...
PHOTOS: The Vanishing Body Art Of A Tribe Of Onetime Headhunters
Mar 24,2018
The tattoos were once a sign that a man in India's Konyak clan was a headhunter. A new...
20 Years Later, Jonesboro Shooting Survivors Conflicted Over Parkland
Mar 23,2018
Saturday's gun control march falls on the 20th anniversary of a horrific Jonesboro, Ark.,...
U.K. Investigators Raid Cambridge Analytica Offices In London
Mar 23,2018
British investigators are reported to be looking at whether personal data was obtained in...
What You Need To Know About Kids' Screen Time Right Now
Mar 24,2018
There's so much information — and anxiety — out there about how much time your kids...
Can't Get Elected Dogcatcher? Try Running In Duxbury, Vt.
Mar 24,2018
It may be the only place in the country with an elected dogcatcher. The current...
Repeal The Second Amendment? That's Not So Simple. Here's What It Would Take
Mar 01,2018
The Founding Fathers were willing to be edited, it seems, but they did not want it to be...
Parkland Shooting Survivor Discusses Newfound Activism To End Gun Violence
Mar 23,2018
In advance of the "March for Our Lives" rally in Washington, Gabe Glassman, a sophomore...

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