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Oklahoma News on NPR

From NPR News:

Oklahoma is promoting a history curriculum using videos by conservative group PragerU
Sep 08,2023
Oklahoma has joined Florida in allowing videos from the conservative group PragerU in...
A program in Oklahoma uses art to re-integrate women recently released from prison
Jul 29,2023
Women who are soon to be released from prison in Oklahoma get help with the transition by...
An 11-year-old boy caught a fish with 'human-like teeth' in an Oklahoma pond
Jul 19,2023
A boy in Oklahoma reeled in an alarmingly weird catch this past weekend: a pacu, the...
Oklahoma judge throws out a suit seeking reparations for the Tulsa Race Massacre
Jul 09,2023
The decision by Judge Caroline Wall dashes an effort to obtain a measure of legal justice...
NASCAR great Jimmie Johnson's in-laws found shot to death in Oklahoma
Jun 28,2023
Police in Muskogee, Oklahoma, confirmed Tuesday they are investigating the shooting...
Police in Oklahoma respond to cries for help. No kidding: They were from a goat
May 12,2023
Officers in Enid answered a call to what sounded like a person crying out for help. The...
Police discover 7 bodies at the home of a sex offender on his scheduled court date
May 02,2023
A search for two missing Oklahoma teenagers and a convicted sex offender ended within...
7 bodies have been found during a search for missing Oklahoma teens
May 01,2023
The bodies were discovered during a search of a rural property near the town of...
5 years after the teacher walkouts, Oklahoma's GOP has changed its tune
Apr 26,2023
Oklahoma Republicans blocked many of the proposals teachers rallied for in 2018. Now,...
8 members of an Oklahoma family found dead at burning home were shot, autopsies show
Apr 25,2023
The parents living at the home where they and their children died last October were...

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