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Oklahoma News on NPR

From NPR News:

A Policy Knot Leaves Oklahomans From Marshall Islands Struggling To Get Health Care
Dec 25,2018
Their former homeland was a U.S. testing site for nuclear bombs, but they can't get...
Oklahoma Senator Discusses The Looming Government Shutdown
Dec 21,2018
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., about the looming...
Oklahoma Indian Reservation Case Heads To Supreme Court
Sep 22,2018
At the heart of a case going to the U.S. Supreme Court during its upcoming session is...
Sticker Shock Jolts Oklahoma Patient: $15,076 For 4 Tiny Screws
May 14,2018
A woman with foot pain was floored by the high cost of titanium screws used in her...
How Oklahoma Parents Are Dealing With Teacher Walkouts
Apr 12,2018
For many parents, nine days of missed school is a logistical headache. That's why YMCAs,...
Oklahoma Teachers Continue Strike
Apr 07,2018
Oklahoma lawmakers approved $40 million in new money for public schools on Friday. But...
Oklahoma And Kentucky Teachers Go On Strike, Demanding More Education Funding
Apr 02,2018
Thousands of Oklahoma teachers did not go to school Monday. Instead they are protesting...
Teachers Are Marching Ahead Of Their Unions, In Oklahoma And Arizona
Apr 02,2018
Oklahoma and Kentucky teachers are both walking out of school Monday, and teachers in...
Oklahoma To Use Nitrogen Gas For Executions
Mar 16,2018
After a series of botched executions, the state of Oklahoma is using a new protocol:...
States Seek More Federal Funding For Opioid Treatment, Not More Promises
Mar 01,2018
The Trump administration has talked about prioritizing the opioid crisis, but states have...

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