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Union Station, the New I-40 and the Future of Mass Transit in OKC
Part VI: Recognizing a Need (Mar 25, 2007)

In the previous five parts of our series, weve looked at the pros and cons of the new, proposed I-40 Crosstown Expressway, its expense and the impact on the rail corridor and surrounding areas. Whether they support or oppose the project, though, pretty much everyone from local political and business leaders to urban planning experts to rail advocates seems to agree that Central Oklahoma also has to look beyond building more roads and highways and start expanding its offerings of public transportation. We spend some time investigating the metro's mass transit needs and what some people are trying to do about it.

Guests include commuter and mass transit advocate Bob Waldrop; Larry Hopper with the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority; Fixed Guideway Study Project Manager Tom Shelton; OU architecture professor Hans Butzer; rail advocate Tom Elmore; Lt. Governor Jari Askins; Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and Oklahoma Railway Museum volunteer Steve Davis.

WEB EXTRAS: View the complete results of METRO Transit's Fixed Guideway Study, a summary of public comments received and videos clips of various forms of mass transit that may be in OKC's future.

See a chart comparing fixed route bus usage in OKC and other metro areas

Listen to a presentation by Tom Shelton, who was a lead consultant to the Fixed Guideway Study.

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