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GOP Presidential Contender Mitt Romney in OKC (Aug 14, 2007)

Former Massachusetts Governor and GOP Presidential Contender Mitt Romney delivered his stump speech and answered questions from the audience this afternoon at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. The visit comes a day after Romney released his personal financial disclosure statement indicating he has investments totaling between 190 and 250 million dollars, which is nine or ten times the net worth of his closest competitors.

Speaking to reporters, Romney said he thinks his campaign is witnessing ďwinds of changeĒ that began last weekend in Iowa. Thatís when he finished first in the Republican straw poll, an unscientific test vote that was skipped by candidates John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani. A survey of Oklahoma Republicans conducted in May found that Romney was in a distant fourth place, trailing McCain, Giuliani and undeclared candidate Fred Thompson. But Romney said his success in Iowa as well as his efforts in other, early primary states like New Hampshire and South Carolina will help him take his message nationwide and ultimately be successful in Oklahoma as well.

Listen to Romney's speech in Oklahoma City:

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