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Oklahoma Voices: “Getting on the Ballot” (Oct 07, 2007)
A few weeks ago, a group calling itself Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform held a press conference at the state capitol to announce it was kicking off an initiative petition drive. By mid-December, group members are hoping to collect ninety thousand signatures to force a voter referendum to change state laws and make it easier for lesser-known candidates to get on the ballot. Next time on Oklahoma Voices we’ll air an updated version of a 2004 program from the KGOU archives exploring why Oklahoma's current ballot access laws have third parties and independent voters in the state calling for electoral reform.

Guests include Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Michael Clingman; Ballot Access News Editor Richard Winger; former Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party Chair Tom Laurent; former Oklahoma Green Party co-chair Rachel Jackson and John Anderson, former Independent Presidential candidate and Chair of FairVote (née the Center for Voting and Democracy), which researches and advocates more democratic voting systems.

Read a transcript of the longer version of this program that aired back in 2004

Listen to KGOU’s recent in-depth report on OBAR’s petition drive: MP3

Listen to Libertarian Presidential candidate Daniel Imperato’s comments on ballot access during his recent trip to Oklahoma: MP3

Read why Richard Winger of Ballot Access News thinks ballot access is important

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