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Report Indicates Health Insurance Rates to Rise (Nov 18, 2010)

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A report indicates more than 35 percent of Oklahoma employers will raise health insurance deductibles and copays for their employees in 2011.

The study by Mercer's 2010 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans included 25 companies in Oklahoma. The Tulsa World reports the study found health benefit costs rose almost 3 percent in Oklahoma and now average about $8,711 per employee.

According to the study, that's still below the national increase of almost 7 percent to more than $9,500 per employee last year.

The study found state employers expect health care costs to rise by 9 percent in 2011 and that it's likely some of that cost will be shifted to employees. The study says the current average employee contribution in Oklahoma is a little less than $100 per month.

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