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UPDATE: Reaction to SQ 755 Ruling (Nov 22, 2010)

Oklahoma City - A ruling today by Oklahoma City federal judge Vicki Miles LaGrange means State Question 755 remains on hold, but the decision hasn’t stilled debate on the issue.

Supporters and opponents of the proposed state constitutional amendment that would block Oklahoma courts from deciding cases using Islamic or international law filled the federal courtroom for this morning’s hearing. And while it will be later this month before the judge makes her decision on whether or not the state question violates the U.S. Constitution’s first amendment, opinions outside the federal courthouse were made immediately.

Former state Representative Kevin Calvey filed a friend of the court brief on behalf of four Virginia organizations who want State Question 755 to move forward. He said the federal lawsuit is unnecessary.

"Wait until there’s an actual injury, not just pie-in-the-sky theories about ‘this might happen, this might happen,’" Calvey said. "It’s just not right for consideration and the law is not unconstitutional in and of itself."

But the plaintiff in the case, Muneer Awad, who’s also the executive director for the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said discrimination of his religion is at the root of the amendment.

"What we’re working for is making sure State Question 755 does not become effective," Awad said. "We don’t want a law on our books that demonized and condemns Muslims and today marks another day where that won’t happen."

A decision in the case is expected November 29th.


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