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Rural Areas Home to Many Commuters (Jan 03, 2011)

Long commutes for Oklahomans aren't limited to those living in metropolitan areas.

Information from the U.S. Census indicates that while there is a concentration of commuters in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas, long commutes also are common in some rural counties.

The Tulsa World reports long commutes are most common in Pawnee in north-central Oklahoma.

The manager of the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce, Bill Gosnell, says Pawnee is an agricultural town and "if you run cattle, you're probably going to need a day job, too."

Finding a good job, he says, often means leaving town, and in Pawnee County, 49 percent of residents drive at least a half-hour to work.

That's the same percentage as in Washington, D.C. Overall, Oklahoma ranks 44th nationally in long commutes.

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