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Spring 2007 - Episode 3 (Apr 12, 2007)
On an all-new Assignment: Radio, we'll present several in-depth reports on topics ranging from geology to gender. Jerry Wofford investigates the recent earthquakes felt around the Metro area, and speaks with Ken Luza of the Oklahoma Geological Survey to find out what's causing these seismic anomalies. Jarrel Wade takes a look at the University of Oklahoma's expansion, with the recent purchase of property on the corner of Lindsey Street and Jenkins Avenue. This controversial growth plan has many members of the OU community wondering about the fate of popular Irish pub O'Connell's, as well as other businesses located on the site. Brian Hardzinski examines new forms of news delivery, especially the new feature on the Nintendo Wii which offers Associated Press news and images to Wii users. Find out how the Wii News Channel affects the news consumption habits of its users, as well as it's role in the future of media. And Morgan Fenn explores the concept of gender-blind dorms. Several universities on the East Coast have already implemented housing policies that match roommates without regard to students' gender. FInd out the pros and cons of this innovative method, as well as OU Housing's take on the issue.

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