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Fall 2007 Episode 4 - Word of the Day: "Super" (Nov 26, 2007)
This week on Assignment: Radio, the Word of the Day is "Super", and we present a series of stories that all have this word in common, and explore everything from fast food restaurants to maximum security prisons. Bianca Lopez tells the stories of two women who have both had encounters with the supernatural. 23-year-old Irena describes the role God played in her life as she overcame leukemia, and Rita Ortura talks about evil spirits that she believes invaded her mother's house in Mexico. Peju Fabaro sits down with three University of Oklahoma students who have spent more than four years in college, and finds out what brought these "Super Seniors" back for what is jokingly called a "victory lap." Will Prescott travels to McAlester, Oklahoma to speak with guards and inmates in H-Unit, the Oklahoma State Penitentiary's "Supermax" wing. "Supermax" is the name used to describe "control-unit" prisons, or units within prisons, which represent the most secure levels of custody in the U.S. prison system. Katrina Smith visits her hometown of Blanchard, where the local Sonic is affectionately known as a "Super Sonic" because of both the amenities offered, as well as the role it serves as a community focal point. And Boris Georgievski examines the potential return of professional basketball to Oklahoma City. The Seattle SuperSonics could be coming to the Metro as early as 2008, and members of OU's sports community discuss what permanent professional sports could mean to the Sooner State.

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