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Spring 2008 Episode 3 ~ Research/Issue (Apr 07, 2008)
This week, Assignment: Radio takes an in-depth look at several issues important to the University of Oklahoma community. Grace Fredrickson examines the "Greening" of the University of Oklahoma. OU Printing, the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, and several Greek houses have all taken initiatives to become more environmentally friendly, and we'll find out whether or not these programs have had any effect. Cara Bailey looks at the recent independence of Kosovo's impact on the University of Oklahoma. Gazmend Syla is an Albanian graduate student from Kosovo studying at OU, and he recounts his experiences during the 1999 Kosovo War. Ashley Southern finds out how a recent study showing that a certain kinds of birth control increases the risk for breast cancer is affecting OU students. However, researchers at Oxford University have shown that these same birth control pills can actually reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women as well. Brian Hardzinski looks at OU's new AT&T Summer Bridge Program, a 3-week session designed to prepare incoming freshmen engineering students for the rigors of their field. Launched last year, the program recently received a $1 million grant from AT&T, and we'll find out what implications this might have for AT&T subscribers. And Lisa Janssen looks at OU's Reforestation Campaign in response to the December 2007 ice storms. The cleanup and replanting of trees is expected to cost $1.7 million, and so far 400 trees have been planted. WEB EXTRAS: Sooner Magazine article about the Greening of OU, as well as a list of goals from the Spring 2007 University of Oklahoma Student Association bill supporting green initiatives. AT&T Summer Bridge Program homepage. Press release announcing the AT&T grant. Oklahoma Daily article summarizing the breast cancer studies. OU Reforestation Campaign homepage. Listen to this entire Assignment: Radio program:

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