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Spring 2008 Episode 4 ~ Word of the Day (Apr 27, 2008)
The Word of the Day on this week's Assignment: Radio is "(K)night," as we present a series of stories that all have both variations of this word in common. Cara Bailey looks at Elie Wiesel's most famous work, the book Night, and how the critically-acclaimed Holocaust memoir is used in the class "Modern Monsters," as part of the University of Oklahoma's Expository Writing program. Brian Hardzinski examines the good nights and good luck of television journalist Edward R. Murrow, and how his influential See It Now broadcasts on Wisconsin Senator Joseph R. McCarthy helped convict the Senator in the court of public opinion. Adding a "K" to the front of our Word of the Day, Ashley Southern talks with several OU students about their ideas of love and modern-day romance, and tries to find out whether or not the idea of fairy-tale romances and modern-day knights in shining armor actually exist anymore. And Lisa Janssen takes us south to Reaves Park in Norman, where she visited the annual Medieval Fair, and spoke with several modern-day knights about seemingly long-forgotten virtues of chivalry and honor. WEB EXTRAS: April 7, 2008This I Believe essay from Elie Wiesel describing his responsibility as a Holocaust survivor. Transcript of Edward R. Murrow's March 9, 1954 See It Now program attacking Senator McCarthy's methods. Listen to this entire Assignment: Radio program:

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