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UPDATE: Chief Candidate Files for Injunction (Jun 27, 2011)
OKLAHOMA CITY - Cherokee Nation Principal Chief candidate Bill John Baker this afternoon filed a request for an emergency injunction against the Cherokee Nation’s election commission with the tribe’s Supreme Court.

The Tulsa World reports the Baker campaign is seeking the immediate release of the certified election results by district, the certified results for the absentee ballots and documentation detailing the changes that occurred between the original vote totals reported by the election commission Sunday and certified vote totals announced Monday.

The filing comes after the tribe’s election commission overturned the unofficial results posted on its website early Sunday morning.

The unofficial tally listed Baker as the winner by 11 votes, but the figures certified by the commission Monday afternoon declared current chief Chad Smith the victor by a 7 vote margin.

In a statement, the Baker campaign says –quote “The more we learn about the vote counting process the more it doesn’t add up.”

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