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Town's Residents Upset Over Firefighter Flap (Jul 06, 2011)

CASHION, Okla. (AP) — Residents of this small north-central Oklahoma town are voicing their displeasure over the town council's decision to eliminate its paid fire chief position and fire the entire volunteer department.

So many people crammed into Tuesday night's town hall meeting that about 40 people were turned away and told the room was over capacity. As part of a cost cutting move recommended by a town consultant, the newly elected mayor and town council voted last week to eliminate the $35,000 annual salary of the fire chief and fire the volunteer department. The town's longtime volunteer firefighters were told they would need to reapply for their positions.

The council on Tuesday hired eight new volunteers and a new chief.

The town of about 800 residents is located on the Kingfisher-Logan county line.

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