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Fall 2009 Episode 4 ~ Audio Narratives (Nov 29, 2009)
On the fourth episode of our Fall 2009 season, KGOU's student reporters present audio narratives--a kind of audio documentary in the vein of a piece from NPR's This American Life-- on various subjects. Kristin Mason takes a look at the hardships of being both a single mother and undergraduate student by shadowing Peace Ossom. Peace is a senior, and has been balancing schoolwork and motherhood for nearly a year now. And Phil Rodriguez heads to Universe City, a local co-op artist's home, on a big Saturday night. The residents discuss getting ready for a new and special event and what daily life is like in a large, loud, crazy house full of creative people. Web Extras A Day in the Life of an Undergrad Mom - Official Website of the National Organization of Single Mothers -, which includes numerous resources for single mothers, including financial aid especially for parents still in school. - College Mom Magazine's website, which features a guide both for students who have children or who are expecting. Good Vibrations from the UniverseCity - Universe City's Official MySpace Page, which includes contact info and upcoming shows. - Universe City's Official Facebook Page, includes a lot of stuff you can find on their MySpace but also allows the ability to share links, pictures, videos, and so on.

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