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Word of the Day (May 01, 2010)
This week’s Assignment: Radio is the “word of the day” episode, and this semester’s word is “finish.” Will Holland talks to some of the people who have influenced the architecture of The University of Oklahoma. Michael Moorman, of OU Architectural and Engineering Services, explains how campus buildings are designed to fit in with the overall theme of OU. And Alan Moring, the primary designer of OU’s Wagner Hall, delves into the architectural design process, specifically focusing on how architects put the finishing touches on their buildings. Clark Foy sits down with an OU cello master’s student who must perform one last concert before he can finish his degree requirements. Joe Mueller graduates in May and hopes to become a full-time cellist with a professional orchestra after that. And Aaron Woolley presents a feature about an unbelievable eating challenge at Norman’s Fat Sandwich Company. Only four people have finished the challenge within the 15 minute time period, and one of them, OU freshman Max Nicholson, looks back on his moment of glory.

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