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Legislative Study Asseses State Debts and Obligations (Sep 22, 2011)

OKLAHOMA CITY - Members of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee learned today Oklahoma’s bond indebtedness is below that of most states, which could permit the state to borrow more assuming it has the ability to repay the loans.

State Representative Joe Dorman (D-Rush Springs) requested and directed the interim study. He says many obligations aren’t funded in a timely manner - including one he called “near and dear to him” - the Emergency Management Fund.

"“Oklahoma is ranked third nationally in the number of disasters that take place in our state and I have been especially concerned with the state’s delay in meeting all emergency management funding obligations,” Dorman said. “I would like to see our local fire departments and other entities that are turning in claims get the money they need to continue to address natural disasters with expediency.”

Oklahoma Emergency Management Director Albert Ashwood said the state has yet to fund just over $34 million dollars in local claims.


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